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New water rates

It is the mission of the Hebert Water System to furnish a dependable supply of safe, high quality water delivered to its customers in an efficient, reponsive, and affordable manner. To that end it is important that Hebert Water System continue its proactive program of reinvestment in its infrastructure and facilities for its more than 1350 service connections.

Your dollars are already hard at work throughout the system on key maintenance projects. In the next few years, there are and increasing number of system replacements and upgrades that will be needed. They include aging water mains, and replacing aging equipment. Future infrastructure maintenance or replacements require the system to maintain a healthy financial position, making a water increase necessary.

Our challenge as a water system is that customers and the public do not see much of the infrastructure and facilities because they are underground. If Hebert Water System does not keep its water delivery system up to date, it will be a high risk for system malfunctions, causing disruptions in service. Our system is required to meet all Federal and State government mandates while the availability of grant funding and low interest loans have dwindled.

Hebert Water System has not had a rate increase since 2009. The Louisiana Rural Water Association conducted a rate study for our system and concluded that a rate increase was necessary not to ensure that adequate funding is in place to repair and replace aging infrastructure. While preventive maintenance seems like a large expense now, it will only cost more in the future. Due to inflation, it cost less to complete these repairs and upgrades in today's dollars rather than tomorrows dollars. Our water board approved a rate increase at the last board meeting. When you recieve your October bill it will reflect the new rate increase.

      Present Rates:                                             New Rates:

$15.25 first 2000 gallons                         $19.25 first 2000 gallons

$3.75 per thousand thereafter                  $4.75 per thousand thereafter

$1.00 Safe Drinking Water                       $1.00 Safe Drinking Water

We greatly appreciate your understanding during this time.


Wiley Kelly- President